How African American Women Can Have Celebrity Skin

When we think of black female celebrities, as examples of beauty we can think of a plethora of singers, talk show hosts, community activists, and actresses. Black women, especially over the past few decades, can always point to an icon, that exemplifies beauty, on our own terms. Angela Davis, Erykah Badu, Pam Grier as examples, represent black beauty in its purest form, whilst today, Beyonce and Rhianna, along with Kerry Washington, and the staple of black beauty, Halle Berry are held as the examples to follow and emulate.

The common thread, between virtually all media depictions of these black celebrities, as well as the vast number of others that have not been mentioned, is that they have beautiful, clear skin.

Indeed, clear skin, whether created by Photoshop or by using excellent skincare products, is a prerequisite. Its almost as if, clear skin, flawless skin, separate’s the celebrity from the public. Almost without exception, those women, held up as examples of beauty, have clear skin.

However, looking at a large number of ordinary black women, who want to project an image of success, the first thing they do is focus on hair weaves. Hair weaves, it seems, that allow black women to feel a false sense of empowerment, yet they do not have the same level of enthusiasm, about looking after their skin. Yet, they have an almost manic fervour, to having hair that is fundamentally different from their own natural hair texture.

The natural beauty in their skin is neglected. Let us take, for example, the fact that a significant number of black women, that use weaves, suffer from irritation, blemishes, and acne as a result of reactions to hair weaves. In the race to look beautiful, using weaves, their skin suffers.

The hilarious sight of women, with $1000 Brazilian hair weaves, or Indian hair weaves that have awful, uneven, dull, blemish decorated skin, shows a level of confusion among some black women. Urban “models”, who rely on photoshoots that are so heavily airbrushed, as to make them look like cartoons, would not require the airbrush if they simply, look after their skin. It is ironic, that black women, will spend almost any amount of hair, yet neglect their skin, in spite of the fact that those they emulate, have a whole skincare regime.

Actresses, such as Zoe Saldana, video vixens like Melissa Ford, and supermodels like Jourdan Dunn, have the implicit understanding, that they are selling images of perfection black human perfection and beauty. They, in order to remain bankable, cannot rely on the airbrushing of photos. Instead, they use exfoliators, facemasks, anti-aging creams, cleanser’s and deep moisturizing oils, to look after and enhance their most important physical asset: Their skin.

It seems as if black women, now think, that caking their faces in MAC foundation is the answer, forgetting that, by saturating their faces and clogging pores, they are actually stressing, and abusing their skin. Couple this, with the fact that a set skincare regime, that includes acne treatments, exfoliation, skin lightening treatments to even out the skin tone, the use of nourishing creams to make the skin glow, and the like, is painfully uncommon amongst black women, it is not surprising that their favored slogans of being “fierce”, “hot”, and being “bosses”, and “independent women, that don’t need men” (sigh) seem empty, weak and laughable, especially when it is being said by a woman over the age of 30, with ashy blemish filled skin, an attitude, and an expensive weave.

Having a top-class image, does not end with a weave, as so many black women, seem to think it does. “your face is your fortune”, so goes the old saying, and looking after your skin, with specialist black skincare products, will most certainly, improve your image, but most importantly your self-esteem, will be increased, because you will know that you have beautiful, clear skin. This will place you in the same sphere, as the beautiful black celebrities, that we all know, and look to for inspiration, and help you as a black woman on the path to success.

Natural Hair Care Products

Most of us try to achieve this by using different kinds of hair products available on the market. You can achieve that natural look of hair by using natural products only.

While using hair care products look for the ingredients. Replace chemical ingredients with natural ingredient hair care products. The best thing about natural hair care products is it is made for different types of hair.

Natural Hair Care Tips

1. Nutrition – This is one of the best and simple natural tips. Proper nutrition not only takes care of your hair only but enhances the natural resistance power of body. In our scalp, there are some hair follicles that always remain in the growth stage. Thus, if a continuous flow of nutrition is ensured to these growing hair follicles it will result in nice growth. Your hair will be strong from root to tip resulting from less breakage of hair. A proportionate diet enriched with proteins, minerals, and vitamins supplies the right supplements to hairs. Malnutrition only leads to dull and dry hair follicles resulting in dry and tangled hair.

2. Oiling – Oiling is another simple and easy hair tips. Warm pure coconut oil and massage all over the scalp. Leave them for two hours and wash off with mild herbal shampoo. Follow this routine for at least thrice in a week and see the difference. However, there is a common notion that if you have oily hair, you must not oil your hair. This is wrong as oily hair also needs proper nutrition to grow and oil is the best form of nutrition for hair. You can also use a combination of different kinds of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, etc. with coconut oil and apply all over the scalp.

3. Shampooing – Shampoo is the best hair care product for cleaning your hair and getting rid of dirt and dust. Dirt and dust are very bad for hair as it leads to several infections on the scalp. The shampoo helps in cleaning of this dirt and dust in a gentle manner without hampering hair and its texture. Select shampoo according to your hair type and see who it works wonder on your hair. But make sure that you use only herbal and natural hair care products only.

Choosing the right natural hair care products for you is very important. However, with all the choices available today, it can be hard to find that ideal product. It’s also easy to be fooled by chemically-based products that market themselves as “natural” simply because they contain a few natural ingredients.

Best Beard Care Tips

Growing a beard can be a statement of flexibility, but at the same time it’s a pledge for black men beard styles shaped up mustaches. Beard doesn’t deal with themselves any more than your yard or your nails. They require some upkeep. With thinking so many logical things I am giving here best beard care tips and sharing with you beard care products also from amazon.

By searching so much information from the specialists than i am sharing with you tips and advises. Whether you’re simply past the stubble stage or attempting to tame a 2-foot mass, here are some mustaches and beard care tips.

Grow It Better

Battle through the tingle. With those tips to grow your beard i am sharing also beard growing products from amazon. With collecting information from the specialist of hair treatment i am providing those guided tips and product from the trusty platform amazon. This is the point where the cowardly surrender. On the off chance that you stay with it, it shows signs of improvement following a couple of weeks. Which definitely better for best beard care things?

Give it a chance to grow:

To get the significant result just follow this rules of best beard care. Wait a couple of months before attempting to shape a beard. That is regardless of the possibility that you plan to keep it short and near the face over the long haul. Forming and trimming a beard too soon is a typical new kid on the block botch – a slip-up that can take weeks or months to resolve.

Be familiar with when to cut your beard:

Its firm to be familiar with at what time you have to cut your beard to follow our best beard care tips. It’s a hard truth, yet not all folks can grow a beard. It’s simply an issue of hereditary qualities. In the event that it’s been a few months, it’s still sketchy and scraggly; it’s not going to show signs of improvement. Release it, shave it off, and proceed onward. Presently you have your beard. How would you deal with it?


Lots of folks don’t wash their beard – or in the event that they do, they utilize the bar cleanser they’d use on their armpits. Terrible thought. You’ll dry out your beard and the skin underneath. Rather, cleanser no less than a couple of times each week. Utilize a saturating cleanser to keep the hair from getting fragile.


We can prescribe a thick, overwhelming obligation conditioner to keep your mustaches from getting excessively wiry. Give the conditioner a chance to stay there. Consider the leave-in kind that you don’t need to wash out.

Use items (in the event that you need):

Whatever you rub into your beard will undoubtedly get on your skin, as well. Use items that are non-comedogenic. That implies they won’t stop up your pores.

Trim it:

Even in the event that you develop your beard long, we suggest a trim at regular intervals. It’s similar to disposing of split closures in your hair.

Have the right gadgets:

Be that as it may, for forming the mass, he suggests scissors and a brush. In case you’re utilizing scissors, you’re not as liable to cut off a lot unintentionally.

Keep It Healthy

What else can offer your beard some assistance with looking and feel well? With our best beard care tips, we are thinking also about how to become healthy with a caring beard.

Eat a firm consumption routine:

There are no uncommon sustenance’s that will enhance beard development. However, he says an adjusted, solid eating routine is great all in all for hair and skin. Shouldn’t to some degree be said about appendages? A few individuals say that biotin, a B complex vitamin, reinforces hair. Be that as it may, there’s no solid confirmation demonstrating to it makes a difference. Continuously check with a specialist before beginning any everyday supplement.


One study found that losing rest could back off beard development. So in the event that you need a sound, full beard, fare thee well to get your Zzz’s.

Eat with attention:

How would you keep your lunch out of your beard? we also prescribe taking little nibbles, wiping your face after everyone. Continuous request to additional napkins at eateries in our best beard care tips rules.

How To Find Your Hair Type

type 4 hair

Your hair can say a lot about you. The way you style it can help you deliver a powerful first impression. However, you might not know that there are four different types of hair. Knowing what hair type, you are can have an impact on the way you care for your hair.

Generally, you can measure your hair type based on how curly it is. For example, type 1 hair is completely straight, type 2 has minor curves, type 3 has waves, while type 4 hair has dense curls. To understand the different hair types further, let’s look at some characteristics of type 4 hair. This type of hair is most commonly associated with the Afro look, because of its puffy appearance.

Type 4a


This is best known for having a clearly defined “S” shape when pulled. Usually, it will have curls that are a few millimeters thick. Though it can retain moisture better than other types, it will still be fragile compared to other types of hair. To get the best results, you should use a wash n’ go shampoo. To avoid hair damage, don’t use any products that contain sulfur.

Type 4b


4b hair is synonymous with being fluffy and lacking any defined curved patterns. Because of how tight the curves are, it might feel slightly wiry when you touch it. Because of these tight curves, it generally appears shorter than it actually is and will be more suspectable to breakage because of a lack of moisture. To avoid further damage, don’t style your hair in ways that may manipulate it too heavily. You should also use a moisturizer regularly, preventing the hair from drying out.

Type 4c


4C hair types are usually more tightly packed. Usually, you will not be able to spot any curls because they are so tightly grouped together. In addition, this type of hair tends to have a high level of shrinkage. This means that it may appear to be shorter than it really is. In addition, it is the most fragile type of hair. This means that you will need to take a lot of precautions if you intend to grow out 4c hairs. Often, this means using products that are designed specifically for this type of hair. Also, you might want to protect it by using a cap while you sleep. This will limit the amount of breakage that you experience.


Your hair can play an important role in your life. You can style it to help you feel more confident when attending social events. It can also be used to help you demonstrate your style. To get the best results, you should think about what your hair type is. This will have an impact on the type of products that you use and the way you care for your hair. Hopefully, you will be able to use this to find out your hair type.