Using Afro Kinky Curly

A person’s hair is his or her most prized possession. If a man’s hair stops growing, he can simply shave it all off and call it a day. A woman does not have this luxury afro kinky virgin hair. There are many women these days that choose to wear their hair short, but that is not an option when your hair is rare afro kinky curly, many African-American women choose to wear hair extensions to make their hair easier to handle and style. However, the main choice that any woman who wants to wear hair extensions has to make is whether to choose virgin or synthetic hair. Virgin hair is human hair that has not been treated with any chemicals and is completely natural. Obviously, the best choice would be to choose the natural hair, for several reasons that will be presented in this article. Whether you choose virgin Indian Remy hair or any other brand available on the market, natural hair will allow you to style yourself up however you may like this.

Many women love to change their hairstyle or color very often. Natural hair allows you to change it however you want, without damaging it. Synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curled because it will not withstand the heat and it will most probably melt. In the most fortunate case, it will lose its shine and you will end up with something that just does not look good or natural. Those who choose to wear Indian Remy hair extensions or something similar don’t have to worry about this and can choose to wear any hairstyle they want, without any problems. Another major benefit of natural hair is that it is low maintenance. Because synthetic hair is so fragile, it comes pre-styled and you have to worry all the time to maintain its look. Natural hair allows the person wearing it more options and is definitely much easier to work with. It can actually be washed and dried normally without worrying about deteriorating it or losing the beautiful shape.

Virgin, natural human hair just acts naturally. It has volume, it moves naturally, it bounces when you walk and you will always be able to obtain the look you want out of it. The fact that natural hair allows you to style it however you want makes it a great choice for any woman. Whether you want to wear clip in extensions or you are interested in hair weaves, with virgin hair you should be able to look perfect anytime of the day. Natural hair comes from different parts of the world, but the most appreciated one is from Indian donors. Indian hair is known for its thickness and beauty, which is why it is such a popular choice among women who want to wear the best on the market.

Your Guide to Cleaning Tile Floors

Cleaning Tile Floors- The best way to maintain your tile flooring is to always clean up spills as soon as they happen. Don’t give them time to permanently stain the flooring. When cleaning the spills up, have absorbent cloths or towels to just soak up the mess. Always dust and sweep often so your not spending hours scrubbing your floors like you would if you only cleaned them every 2 weeks or so. Try to not wait until your floors are unbearable.

That will just give more time for the surface to soak in the dirt and grime. Now, when you mop your tile flooring it is best to use a soft and fluffy dust mop (preferably one with a movable head that you can wash when you’re finished). Don’t use any brooms that can grind dirt and such on the floors and scratch them up. Vacuums with an attachment for cleaning bare floors is a great way to go about cleaning your tile floors too.

The best thing to use for mopping along with your fluffy dust mop is just plain warm water. No harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Tile Floors- Ceramic Tiles- It is important to sweep ceramic tile floors every couple days or so. Dirt can stick down in the crevices of the tile especially when they have textured surfaces. If you invest in doormats that will reduce the flow of dirt that is being tracked onto your flooring, you will have to sweep less. Just be sure to take your mats outside and shake them out regularly. Ceramic tile flooring should be what they call “damp-mopped”. Meaning ring your mop out twice so no water is dripping off of it.

Usually, ceramic tiles can be mopped with just warm water mixed with a mild detergent. For those stubborn hard to get off sports just simply spot clean with a sponge or soft brush. Afterward, rinse well with warm water to remove anything that may be left and wipe down with a dry thick towel. Do not use steel wool or other abrasive cleaners that can scratch and ruin the beauty of your ceramic tile. No bleach or ammonia-based cleaners are to be used because they will stain the tiles.

Cleaning Grout- The absolute best and a possibly unavoidable way to cleaning tile floors and the grout in between your tiles is to hire a professional cleaning contractor. They can clean, restore or re-grout all tile flooring in your home. With the right amount of pressure and some hard-working “elbow grease”, they can keep your floors looking good as new.

Some stains may be harder to remove than others and may have to be cleaned by a high-pressure steamer, otherwise, the dirt and/or bacteria may not come up from out of the grout. This is included in all tiled rooms such as kitchens, indoor/outdoor entries, dining rooms, and especially bathrooms. Try to avoid spilling anything other than water on your tiles to avoid having these types of problems with your grout.

Screen Printing Tees for an Event on a Budget

Here are some helpful tips to help guide you through the process:

Checkout this amazing post Direct To Garment Printing On Custom T-Shirts.

1. Picking the Perfect Shirt

Picking a simple blank shirt shouldn’t be so hard, right? There are just so many factors to take in when deciding which shirt you want to go such as:

  1. brand
  2. What color
  3. How much per shirt
  4. best ink for screen printing

When it comes to choosing brands, here are some options depending on your choice of material and pricing:

For Free Giveaway Tees:

  • Tulex
  • Gildan
  • Jerzees

For Selling but Don’t Want to Splurge:

  • Anvil
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Hanes

For Premium High-Quality Shirts:

  • American Apparel
  • Bella + Canvas
  • District or District Made

When choosing a color for your blank shirt, it’s best to choose a light color for printing purposes (or for those on a budget). Light-colored apparel is much cheaper to print on and most inks will be visible on the garment. Whereas if you choose to go with blank, navy or any other dark color, you need to first lay down a white base in order for the color of the ink to show up against the background.

The most important factor many consider when choosing the right blank tee is the price. Usually, blank apparel wholesalers or online retailers will price their blank apparel at various prices depending on how many you want to purchase. Most retailers will give customers a bulk discount if they choose to purchase more than 100+.

2. Creating a Design

The one thing you need to keep in mind when creating a design to be screen printed onto blank apparel is how many colors are going to be used. If you’re on a budget, it’s best if you stick with a simple design that requires no more than 2 colors. When screen printing, price is based on the number of colors you need to print. A new screen is created for each color – so the price will start to rise once you’ve got more than 3+ colors. Also, the more colors screen printed onto the shirt, the heavier the design will be and feel.

TIP: Incorporate the color of your shirt into your artwork to make use of negative space + save money!

3. Choosing the Best Screen Printing Store

Always make sure you’re getting the best price possible by doing a little research online before advancing. To keep things organized, it would be best if you can find a company that does both screen printing and can provide blank apparel at a low cost! There are hundreds of online stores that offer both these services. Just do a quick Google search and contact a customer representative to set up a free quote or price proposal. Once you’ve received your quotes from various stores, pick and choose which one would work with your budget!

How African American Women Can Have Celebrity Skin

When we think of black female celebrities, as examples of beauty we can think of a plethora of singers, talk show hosts, community activists, and actresses. Black women, especially over the past few decades, can always point to an icon, that exemplifies beauty, on our own terms. Angela Davis, Erykah Badu, Pam Grier as examples, represent black beauty in its purest form, whilst today, Beyonce and Rhianna, along with Kerry Washington, and the staple of black beauty, Halle Berry are held as the examples to follow and emulate.

The common thread, between virtually all media depictions of these black celebrities, as well as the vast number of others that have not been mentioned, is that they have beautiful, clear skin.

Indeed, clear skin, whether created by Photoshop or by using excellent skincare products, is a prerequisite. Its almost as if, clear skin, flawless skin, separate’s the celebrity from the public. Almost without exception, those women, held up as examples of beauty, have clear skin.

However, looking at a large number of ordinary black women, who want to project an image of success, the first thing they do is focus on hair weaves. Hair weaves, it seems, that allow black women to feel a false sense of empowerment, yet they do not have the same level of enthusiasm, about looking after their skin. Yet, they have an almost manic fervour, to having hair that is fundamentally different from their own natural hair texture.

The natural beauty in their skin is neglected. Let us take, for example, the fact that a significant number of black women, that use weaves, suffer from irritation, blemishes, and acne as a result of reactions to hair weaves. In the race to look beautiful, using weaves, their skin suffers.

The hilarious sight of women, with $1000 Brazilian hair weaves, or Indian hair weaves that have awful, uneven, dull, blemish decorated skin, shows a level of confusion among some black women. Urban “models”, who rely on photoshoots that are so heavily airbrushed, as to make them look like cartoons, would not require the airbrush if they simply, look after their skin. It is ironic, that black women, will spend almost any amount of hair, yet neglect their skin, in spite of the fact that those they emulate, have a whole skincare regime.

Actresses, such as Zoe Saldana, video vixens like Melissa Ford, and supermodels like Jourdan Dunn, have the implicit understanding, that they are selling images of perfection black human perfection and beauty. They, in order to remain bankable, cannot rely on the airbrushing of photos. Instead, they use exfoliators, facemasks, anti-aging creams, cleanser’s and deep moisturizing oils, to look after and enhance their most important physical asset: Their skin.

It seems as if black women, now think, that caking their faces in MAC foundation is the answer, forgetting that, by saturating their faces and clogging pores, they are actually stressing, and abusing their skin. Couple this, with the fact that a set skincare regime, that includes acne treatments, exfoliation, skin lightening treatments to even out the skin tone, the use of nourishing creams to make the skin glow, and the like, is painfully uncommon amongst black women, it is not surprising that their favored slogans of being “fierce”, “hot”, and being “bosses”, and “independent women, that don’t need men” (sigh) seem empty, weak and laughable, especially when it is being said by a woman over the age of 30, with ashy blemish filled skin, an attitude, and an expensive weave.

Having a top-class image, does not end with a weave, as so many black women, seem to think it does. “your face is your fortune”, so goes the old saying, and looking after your skin, with specialist black skincare products, will most certainly, improve your image, but most importantly your self-esteem, will be increased, because you will know that you have beautiful, clear skin. This will place you in the same sphere, as the beautiful black celebrities, that we all know, and look to for inspiration, and help you as a black woman on the path to success.

Natural Hair Care Products

Most of us try to achieve this by using different kinds of hair products available on the market. You can achieve that natural look of hair by using natural products only.

While using hair care products look for the ingredients. Replace chemical ingredients with natural ingredient hair care products. The best thing about natural hair care products is it is made for different types of hair.

Natural Hair Care Tips

1. Nutrition – This is one of the best and simple natural tips. Proper nutrition not only takes care of your hair only but enhances the natural resistance power of body. In our scalp, there are some hair follicles that always remain in the growth stage. Thus, if a continuous flow of nutrition is ensured to these growing hair follicles it will result in nice growth. Your hair will be strong from root to tip resulting from less breakage of hair. A proportionate diet enriched with proteins, minerals, and vitamins supplies the right supplements to hairs. Malnutrition only leads to dull and dry hair follicles resulting in dry and tangled hair.

2. Oiling – Oiling is another simple and easy hair tips. Warm pure coconut oil and massage all over the scalp. Leave them for two hours and wash off with mild herbal shampoo. Follow this routine for at least thrice in a week and see the difference. However, there is a common notion that if you have oily hair, you must not oil your hair. This is wrong as oily hair also needs proper nutrition to grow and oil is the best form of nutrition for hair. You can also use a combination of different kinds of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, etc. with coconut oil and apply all over the scalp. Look at this amazing blog.

3. Shampooing – Shampoo is the best hair care product for cleaning your hair and getting rid of dirt and dust. Dirt and dust are very bad for hair as it leads to several infections on the scalp. The shampoo helps in cleaning of this dirt and dust in a gentle manner without hampering hair and its texture. Select shampoo according to your hair type and see who it works wonder on your hair. But make sure that you use only herbal and natural hair care products only using mynaturalhairextensions.

Choosing the right natural hair care products for you is very important. However, with all the choices available today, it can be hard to find that ideal product. It’s also easy to be fooled by chemically-based products that market themselves as “natural” simply because they contain a few natural ingredients.