How To Apply Beard Balm

      Here are some steps to apply the beard balm:

    1: Once you’ve combed your beard to get rid of tangles, it’s time to take out your balm and start working.

      The first thing to keep in mind is that, like many skin care products, less is more when you apply balm, although the amount of beard balm you can use can vary from man to man.  others and from beard to beard.

    2:In either case, use your thumb or index finger to remove a small amount of balm the size of your nail or marble.  You can make the balm more flexible before taking it out of the box by rubbing your index finger on it in a circular motion until it softens.

    3:Then melt the balm by rubbing it in your hands until it is almost the consistency of oil.  Make sure you cover both palms and all fingers.

    4:You should also make sure that the balm reaches your skin while you apply it.

      You don’t have to bend your fingers like a claw to “stick” the balm into your skin, just keep your fingers flat and rub them deep.

      Use your fingers and nails to rub the balm as if the itching on your face could damage your whisker and cause split ends.

    5:To apply the balm, start at the base of the beard and work your way up to the favorites.  Make sure that every area and hair on the beard is covered with the balm.

      You can use the excess balm that remains on your hands in different ways, if desired also as a body lotion or moisturizer.

      Some men even use it to moisturize their tattoos (an important step in making their tattoos fresh and colorful).

    6:Use a beard comb, preferably made of wood, to distribute the balm evenly throughout your beard and give it the look you want.

 How often should I use the beard balm?

      Some skin care products, such as beard shampoo, are not intended for everyday use because they can rid your skin of their natural oils.

      However, this is not the case with beard balm, and the question of how often to use a beard balm is not that complicated – you can and should use it every day.

      Finally, the balm helps moisturize the beard and facial skin, solving the problem of stealing the necessary oils from the skin and keeping the beard smooth and manageable.

      The frequency with which you use a balm can also depend on your individual needs, the length of your beard, your motivation, etc.  However, daily use of balm improves the general health of your beard and does not affect it.

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