How To Find Your Hair Type

Your hair can say a lot about you. The way you style it can help you deliver a powerful first impression. However, you might not know that there are four different types of hair. Knowing what hair type, you are can have an impact on the way you care for your hair.

Generally, you can measure your hair type based on how curly it is. For example, type 1 hair is completely straight, type 2 has minor curves, type 3 has waves, while type 4 hair has dense curls. To understand the different hair types further, let’s look at some characteristics of type 4 hair. This type of hair is most commonly associated with the Afro look, because of its puffy appearance.

Type 4a


This is best known for having a clearly defined “S” shape when pulled. Usually, it will have curls that are a few millimeters thick. Though it can retain moisture better than other types, it will still be fragile compared to other types of hair. To get the best results, you should use a wash n’ go shampoo. To avoid hair damage, don’t use any products that contain sulfur.

Type 4b


4b hair is synonymous with being fluffy and lacking any defined curved patterns. Because of how tight the curves are, it might feel slightly wiry when you touch it. Because of these tight curves, it generally appears shorter than it actually is and will be more suspectable to breakage because of a lack of moisture. To avoid further damage, don’t style your hair in ways that may manipulate it too heavily. You should also use a moisturizer regularly, preventing the hair from drying out.

Type 4c


4C hair types are usually more tightly packed. Usually, you will not be able to spot any curls because they are so tightly grouped together. In addition, this type of hair tends to have a high level of shrinkage. This means that it may appear to be shorter than it really is. In addition, it is the most fragile type of hair. This means that you will need to take a lot of precautions if you intend to grow out 4c hairs. Often, this means using products that are designed specifically for this type of hair. Also, you might want to protect it by using a cap while you sleep. This will limit the amount of breakage that you experience.


Your hair can play an important role in your life. You can style it to help you feel more confident when attending social events. It can also be used to help you demonstrate your style. To get the best results, you should think about what your hair type is. This will have an impact on the type of products that you use and the way you care for your hair. Hopefully, you will be able to use this to find out your hair type.

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