Tips On Leasing And Buying Exclusive Beats

Buying exclusive beats, and buying beats in general, can be difficult and complicated.  This is especially true if you are new to the music industry or just starting your music career.

       Some important tips to help and protect you while buying a particular rhythm:-

       Know what you’re getting

       When it comes to buying exclusive rhythms, there are many options.

       In most cases you’ll find beats that you can get exclusive rights to but that have already been rented to other artists.  While you now have exclusive rights to the Beat, other artists who previously rented the Beat can continue to use the Beat in accordance with the terms of their rental.

         No one has ever admired or used these rhythms.  You don’t have to worry about others catching the same beat as you or listening to it on the radio or anywhere else online.  Anyone who buys a rhythm can literally use it exclusively and is the only one who has it.

       So before you buy exclusive Beats, make sure you know what you need.  Do you want exclusive rights to the rhythms that other artists have used or do you want something original and unique for yourself?  Once you know what you want, find out if the Beats you want to buy are exactly what you want.  You can make this purchase by searching the website or marketplace where you’re buying beats, or by asking the producer/beatmaker via their contact page, DM, or phone number if they signed you up.

       Check Contract

       When you’ve found the specific beats you want, check the contract or license terms, if possible.  This is especially important if you’ve never dealt with a producer/beat maker before.

       Most websites and farmers’ markets, such as BitStar, will provide you with a contract and licensing terms.  Read the terms and make sure you agree to the terms contained therein.  Remember that once a beat is purchased, the license/contract is final and no refund will be issued.  Hence, it is better to check the terms and conditions before buying.

       If you have any questions about the contract or terms, please contact the producer or beatmaker who can clarify all your questions.

       What is Publication Rights Sharing?

       Publishing rights are usually included when purchasing exclusive beats.  Publishing rights determine the percentage of revenue that each person involved in the finished song receives from a performance license.  These are usually only important if the finished song is registered with PRO (Performance Royalty Organization).  They generally do not apply to online download, sale or streaming on a music platform such as iTunes or Spotify.  However, this is where mechanical royalties can come into play if the manufacturer of these sales, transmissions etc. Mechanical royalties usually go 100% to the artist/label, but be sure to check the contract.

       Return to publication rights.  In the exclusive rights agreement, you will see a clause that sets out the percentage that the artist and producer/beatmaker will receive.  Common divisions are 50/50, 70/30 and some manufacturers also do a 100/0 division which gives 100% to the performer.  These 100/0 divisions are also referred to as “license-free”.

       If you can’t reach a contract (or a sample contract) to get this information, contact the manufacturer and they can tell you what the publishing department is like.

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