Your Guide to Cleaning Tile Floors

Cleaning Tile Floors- The best way to maintain your tile flooring is to always clean up spills as soon as they happen. Don’t give them time to permanently stain the flooring. When cleaning the spills up, have absorbent cloths or towels to just soak up the mess. Always dust and sweep often so your not spending hours scrubbing your floors like you would if you only cleaned them every 2 weeks or so. Try to not wait until your floors are unbearable.

That will just give more time for the surface to soak in the dirt and grime. Now, when you mop your tile flooring it is best to use a soft and fluffy dust mop (preferably one with a movable head that you can wash when you’re finished). Don’t use any brooms that can grind dirt and such on the floors and scratch them up. Vacuums with an attachment for cleaning bare floors is a great way to go about cleaning your tile floors too.

The best thing to use for mopping along with your fluffy dust mop is just plain warm water. No harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Tile Floors- Ceramic Tiles- It is important to sweep ceramic tile floors every couple days or so. Dirt can stick down in the crevices of the tile especially when they have textured surfaces. If you invest in doormats that will reduce the flow of dirt that is being tracked onto your flooring, you will have to sweep less. Just be sure to take your mats outside and shake them out regularly. Ceramic tile flooring should be what they call “damp-mopped”. Meaning ring your mop out twice so no water is dripping off of it.

Usually, ceramic tiles can be mopped with just warm water mixed with a mild detergent. For those stubborn hard to get off sports just simply spot clean with a sponge or soft brush. Afterward, rinse well with warm water to remove anything that may be left and wipe down with a dry thick towel. Do not use steel wool or other abrasive cleaners that can scratch and ruin the beauty of your ceramic tile. No bleach or ammonia-based cleaners are to be used because they will stain the tiles.

Cleaning Grout- The absolute best and a possibly unavoidable way to cleaning tile floors and the grout in between your tiles is to hire a professional cleaning contractor. They can clean, restore or re-grout all tile flooring in your home. With the right amount of pressure and some hard-working “elbow grease”, they can keep your floors looking good as new.

Some stains may be harder to remove than others and may have to be cleaned by a high-pressure steamer, otherwise, the dirt and/or bacteria may not come up from out of the grout. This is included in all tiled rooms such as kitchens, indoor/outdoor entries, dining rooms, and especially bathrooms. Try to avoid spilling anything other than water on your tiles to avoid having these types of problems with your grout.